Community Behavioral and Health

Insight Behavioral Health Specialist considers Community behavior as a very important element that impacts positively or negatively children’s, young’s, adults and all individuals’ mental and social health. Many Studies and psychosocial theories refer with evidence based practice that a community behavior have Influences on health, conduct, environment, mental health disease or related behavior, all these factors affect human health, bio-psychosocial interactions  and experiences. 

Community Behavioral Health examine social, cultural, and other environmental factors and processes and their interactions and effects in individuals, groups and community like a system   with a broad range of outcomes, including mental health,  Mental illness and behaviors disordersbehavior change, health beliefs and attitudes, and normal development and functioning across the lifespan.

Insight Community Health behavioral focus concentrated on individual and community diversity lifestyle behaviors.  Insight Mental Health Specialist concentrated in elements and aspects of our social environment that affect individual’s health.  Our professional team base their interventions in theory and evidence based practices to seek out ways to encourage people to make healthy choices and have better quality of life.

We also seeks to improve the public’s health through the application of social and mental behavioral sciences. Insight promote more efficient uses of health services, encourage individuals and community’s to adopt self-care practices, and participate actively in the design and implementation of  Mental health programs.

This development will help facilitate the integration of behavioral health into the larger health care system by connecting providers across the continuum of care, while maintaining compliance with federal and state confidentiality and privacy regulations

Our goal is to improve the health of our communities through health promotion, social problem prevention and education. While Insight impact positively the community behavior through education, prevention, and facilitate access to resource and services; Individuals and community are going to be able to actively engage with healthy life styles and develop approaches and solutions to everyday health issues.

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