Mental Health Therapy and Counseling

In Insight our  Mental Health Therapist are  oriented   to encourage and help patients make changes in their behavior, their thinking processes and improve the way they react to specific problem, situation  or stimulation so that they can develop the capacity to react assertively and have a healthy behavior and better quality of life. Behavioral Therapists can help with a variety of issues and disorders, including Depression ,Grief , Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, parent and Child relationship, substance abuse or addiction, Anxiety, Disruptive Behavior Disorder, Oppositional Behavior Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Marital problems and others.

Mental Health Therapists are committed to provide service and therapy to clients. Our Mental Health Therapist start  assessing client’s mental status through interviews, bio-psychosocial history and diagnosis, making clinical observations, application of behavioral scales and then developing treatment plans or making referrals to the appropriate services.

Our Mental Health Therapist are trained and prepared to provide crisis intervention if our clients have a risk of danger to themselves or others. Insight Mental Health Therapist monitor a patient’s treatment progress and keep track of his or her mental status. Written records with high standardization must be kept of all client interventions.

Before developing Therapy plans, behavioral Therapist must first assess and diagnose all of the mental health problems of the client, then develop appropriate treatment therapy plan and start serving the clients using the principles of behavioral science. Insight Mental Health Therapists are compelled to maintain professional ethics behavior, protect patient’s confidentiality and maintain high standardization in handling individual’s personal records. Our Mental Health Therapists work in an interdisciplinary professional environment with other professionals of human behavior, such as Doctors, psychologist, Case Managers and different Therapy Specialist to create comprehensive treatment plans for clients.

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